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  • I slammed the car's door open and pulled Devin out of it. He was calm and collected. It was the only way he had been able to keep his secret a secret for so long.
  • "What the hell is wrong with you?" Devin demanded, shoving my hands off. His perfectly starched shirt was wrinkled and that seemed to piss him off more than the thought of me discovering his well-kept secret. Had he even realized that I had figured it out? Of course, he had. Devin wasn't stupid. He was trying to play me off and I refused to be put off so easily.
  • "Valentine!" I rattled into his ear. "You did not seem it fit to inform me that she was your mate?"
  • The mere mention of Valentine made Devin's eyes dart in my direction. It almost made me rethink my brother's intellect. Contrary to what I had believed, Devin had truly not realized that he had exposed himself.
  • "Fuck." That phrase had barely settled when Devin decided to come clean. "So, it does not change anything. I also think you should set your priorities right Jason. Your mate is in your home defenseless against a very angry Alpha and here you are confronting me about something as trivial as my mate."
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