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  • "It is quite the pleasure that you would invite me personally to Monarch." I teased Luna Valentine and she was not pleased. It was clear as day in her face as she approached me in a spectacular yellow gown that gave insight into her personality. Fragile.
  • "Thank you for honoring our invitation Alpha Jason." She said with a false smile planted on. I had to admit she was trying her best to keep on with the charade but it was a vain attempt. She was not pleased with this arrangement. My Intel had gotten me information about what the arrangement was about. Valentine was only doing this for her people.
  • With the false pleasantries passed across, I was led into a ballroom of marble polished for the very occasion. I briefly examined the duo of betas that accompanied me and Luna Valentine. They befitted the alliance I would be coercing the pack of monarch into. A separate door inside the ballroom was opened. In the middle stood a magnificent table fitted for a feast was erected. Many of the seats were already taken by officials who had a say in the matter and of course, the neighboring packs who knew I might be coming for them next. Satake was already seated, bubbling and being overly chatty with the enemies. Luna Valentine and I took our seats and the food was served. What better to serve scheming wolves than mutton.
  • "So," I began breaking the tensing silence. "What do you think of my alliance? Is the pack of butterflies ready to become my stinging wasp?"
  • Luna Valentine had great difficulty swallowing the piece of meat she had in her throat. I wondered if it was difficult. To be in the same room with your parent's murderer, though if I was being honest, It was all Devin. Strange as it might be, my psychotic brother had chosen to remain in the car than face Luna Valentine.
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