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  • The robe did eventually come. I felt conscious having to stand up to step into the robe. I saw the look on Jonas' face and it made me intently nervous. I wasn't sure what would happen next but the pissed off look the fiery girl from before had on suggested I would live. I had taken everything Jonas had said with a grain of salt. How was a girl even to believe that? My gamble for the time was to play along waiting for the perfect opportunity to flee. My hair was still damp and the air seeping into the bathroom suggested we were in a cold area.
  • With nothing else to do than stand awkwardly while the brother's chatted discreetly, I decided to make the best out of my situation and observe the distinct features of my captors. The one who brought me here, clad in an Armani and possibly the most dangerous of the trio had a ring on his thumb with the insignia of a crow. Jonas, the second one wore a jacket, faded old jeans, and boots. His most distinct feature was the jarring scar spread across his cheek to his neck. The third was the girl that would not stop sulking. She looked like a fighter. Her clothing complimented it. She was in a grey camisole and black leggings. She did however have a tattoo of the crow imprinted on the ring.
  • "I hope you aren't thinking of running?"
  • I jerked and my attention went in the direction of the voice. This witch would not even give me breathing space.
  • "Of course not." I stammered, throwing my attention back at the two men to avoid eye contact with hellfire.
  • "Kerri, Quit giving her a hard time." Jason sighed, giving me a nervous smile. It wasn't one I appreciated but I took it.
  • "But..." Kerri tried to say right before 'underworld gentleman' interrupted her.
  • "No buts." He practically growled."And try to put your jealousy in wraps. You are a goddamn Sentinel for fuck's sake."
  • So that was it, I thought. Honestly, I wasn't sure what fucked up shit was taking place but if she wanted Jonas so bad. I would give him to her in a heartbeat.
  • "I apologize Alpha Devin." Kerri apologized.
  • "Whatever."
  • My jaw dropped looking at Devin speak. How could I not see it before? The well-kept beard must have set me off. That had to be why I did not notice they were twins. Devin and Jason were identical twins. While I reeled from the shock of my discovery, The men concluded their talk and Jason led me outside. God knows breathing eluded me for a while as I took in the jarring sight in front of me. All the while I was in the bathroom, I thought I was in some house but the bathroom was only a shed. I was in the middle of nowhere and all that surrounded me was giant trees. The pines and giant trees seemed to stretch for acres but there was a clearing right in front of us where a black Mercedes was parked. I couldn't escape. Not that my original plan was to. Not to mention that my line of sight was still fuzzy from the karate chop and I knew next to nothing about my location.
  • Jonas turned to his brother and girlfriend wannabe, bidding them farewell before gripping me by the hand like I was some kind of bought slave and shoving me into his car. I was glad to escape Devin, but now there was another man to fear and it creeped me out knowing he looked exactly like the monster that pulled me out of my life but that did not stop me from going for his neck once the vehicle was out of sight. I visualized my karate chip and fired. Without looking backward, he caught my hand and twisted it. Then he hit the brakes and sent me falling toward and hitting my head point against his chair. The cushions were not soft. The world spun wildly when I regained my strength. Pain surged upwards my wrist, chastising me for my futile escape attempt.
  • My breathing intensified looking at his gaze through the driver's mirror. He was pissed and my failure scared me.
  • "I saved your life, and you try to attack me as soon as I start the car?"
  • "What the hell did you expect?" I lurched at him. "It is pretty normal to try to save yourself from captivity."
  • Minutes ticked by in uncomfortable silence before he finally spoke.
  • "I can understand your reaction, but you should not have done that. My plan is to protect you, Not hurt you. You forced my hand."
  • I tried not to think about how gently he had spoken to be back at the shed. I knew it was an act but it did not hurt any less. The only thing I had been able to think about was how I couldn’t surrender. I had to keep on fighting. Sitting quietly was the worst thing I could do. It would only allow me too much time inside my head to imagine what might lay ahead and later to regret not taking any opportunity to save myself or die trying.
  • While I had noticed—in no sick fantasy of mine—the attractiveness of the brother, Jason's small acts of kindness and his tenderness had created an unexpected, visceral reaction that made his matching physical beauty come into sharper focus. It was an enchantment that even his scar couldn’t Mar. In fact, the imperfection brought the rest of his perfection into a clear contrast. I refused to admit that I could see myself doing anything this man wanted. My main fears were that he would hurt me, and not in any sexual way. The realization made me feel sick inside.
  • "Just let me go," I tried that awful line yet again. "I told your brother I don’t care what or who you are or whatever you people seem to be doing. I have no interest in being a hero. I just want to go back to my life. Please. I swear I won’t say anything to anyone."
  • I had seen enough movies about shapeshifters and aliens to know talking got you killed, that these people were omnipresent. It hadn’t escaped my notice that perhaps the man in front of me was my only safety, the one person who could keep me from having to spend the rest of my life running or worse, dead.
  • "I cannot take that risk. For your sake and mine. What is your name by the way?"
  • "None of your business." I retorted. If he could read minds then he was free to probe my mind for information but he was not getting a reply from my lips. This was not some polite conversation. I had been abducted and fed bullshit so I could live. No way in hell was…
  • Jason stepped on the brakes of the car for the second time then he turned the engine off. The interior lights came on, casting his face in shadows and light. His eyes were glaring red and it made him look demonic. Anger twisted his features in a gruesome tableau of barely contained violence. It was like a feral animal was trying to force its way out of its cages. Before I could react, his impossibly large hand clasped around my throat,  and he slammed me against the chair. I scratched on his arm, kicked, and punched as I struggled to free myself but he would not let go.
  • "This. Will not work, "He growled. “I saved your life. You belong to me now. You keep showing me attitude and see where it leads you. I can make your life the darkest hell imaginable. Or I can show you kindness. Your choice."
  • I continued to claw at him as his hand tightened even more on my neck like he expected some sort of reaction different from the one I was putting up. I wanted to beg for my life but I couldn’t squeeze words out of a throat already being squeezed. Jason was no less lethal than his brother.
  • "Are we clear!"
  • I nodded frantically. Only then did he release me. released her and as if nothing had transpired, he started the car. I coughed violently as I struggled to get air back into my lungs. Jason appeared unconcerned with my struggle as he pulled back onto the road, quickly accelerating to the full legal speed.
  • "Let’s try again." He said."What is your name?"
  • "O-Olamide." I managed.
  • "Now was that so hard?"
  • My head screamed yes while imaginary fingernails ripped at his skin, but the reality was more muted. I looked down at my hands and quietly whispered, "No."
  • "No, Alpha." He corrected.