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  • How could that get out of my dumb mouth? I wanted to live, didn't I? Why then was I throwing everything down the drain? I chanced a look in his eyes to weigh his reaction. My words probably hit his ego hard. My mind played a million ways this scenario would play out but the dominant outcome was I either ended up dead or fucked. When you put those awful odds together, it did not seem that difficult to confess that some part of your fucked up brain wanted to see your captor naked. He looked awfully calm but beneath that facade, I could feel a rabid beast fighting its way through chains to make me take back those words. It was clear he did not believe me but he wanted me to admit it with my own lips and for my lies, he wanted to punish me. His thoughts revealed that much.
  • "Fascinating," He drawled, inching forward to wipe some sauce off my lips. "I have to say, that is a first." He continued, putting the sauce to his mouth and as much as I hated to admit it, the act made me shiver in all the right places. "I guess I have to be on my best behavior if my looks aren't going to do it. Till then be a good little girl and you have nothing to fear from me."
  • It took a lot for me not to scoff at his kindness. A monster I believed only existed in fairytales and with the ability to read my every passing thought fell for my lie? I doubted even a fragment of that could be possible. He was on to something. But as he had warned, I had to be on my best behavior so I did the only rational response.
  • "Thank you so much, Alpha."
  • I wondered if he could sense how much that title of his made my stomach twist. Perhaps he did not even care. Nothing made sense with this man and the fact that I was saying this out loud in my thoughts with him in it confirmed my thoughts that I was dealing with a wild card. Or was it all in my head? Was the mind-reading stuff a thing they did with their recent toys?
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