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Chapter 3: In which this is all part of a plan

  • Roan was a...interesting guy, to say the least.
  • He had the usual does-anything-my-boss-orders type of vibe but he had a way of looking at everything with suspicion. And if you hadn’t guessed it yet, yes, he was looking at me in the rear view mirror every few seconds like I was about to pull out a gun from my pocket.
  • "Are you an ex-army man, Mr. Roan?" I asked out of curiosity.
  • His back stiffened as he turned off the highway towards the lane that led to my apartment complex. "Whatever do you mean miss?" His tone was heavy with a British accent. God, I loved guys with sexy accents...but Roan was wayy above my league.
  • "You just look at everyone on the road like they are gonna jump in front of the car a throw bombs at it." I told him what I had observed.
  • "That’s an interesting observation, Miss..." Roan must have forgotten...oh wait! Nathan didn't mention my name to him, did he?
  • "Just Savannah will be fine," I answered politely.
  • "Well Mi-Savannah," he corrected as I gave him a tiny glare through the rear-view mirror, "Mr. Synclair is a very rich man and men like him have enemies. I used to work for his father as a bodyguard and now I work for him."
  • "Wow! A chauffer and an undercover bodyguard!" I exclaimed, clapping my hands in excitement. "That's fucking Awesome!"
  • Now it was his turn for a playful glare."Kids these days!" He muttered under his breath, but he was smiling.
  • It actually made him look younger. "Hey, you look cute when you smile!" Okay, that just slipped. I really need a filter for my mouth. "In a totally uncle-ish sort of way!" I added to prevent a total train wreck.
  • "Are you flirting with me Savannah?" I let out a breath when I saw he was trying hard not to laugh.
  • "Yup totally! I so want to be your underaged girlfriend!" I said in an annoyingly high voice making Roan crack up.
  • "You should meet my daughter. She'd be happy to make a new friend. You're both a lot alike," he said with a smile. "And...we have arrived."
  • I looked out to see that we were outside my new apartment complex. New as in I just moved in and not that the apartment was actually new. It wasn't crumbling either but it looked dusty and old in compared to the polished houses in the city. Which I could not least at the moment.
  • "Thank you, Roan. I'll maybe...see you Monday?" Well I wasn't sure I'll be getting any VIP treatments from Nathan again or not but it was nice to make an acquaintance with someone I’ll be seeing more of in the future.
  • "Have a good day!" He gave me a mock salute and pulled out of the area but not before looking around the shady neighborhood with a frown. I think as Nathan’s bodyguard, he was trying to surmise if I’d turn out to be just as shady.
  • I looked at the sky once he was gone and saw it clearing. The dark clouds gave away to small bright rays of light, giving me a boost of energy and hope. I lived on the 5th floor of the 7 storied building. The lift, as I discovered, was broken almost all the time, so this was my regular means of exercise. I wasn’t complaining as it saved me money at the gym, but my legs did hurt by the time I reached my apartment and unlocked the door. The place was small but cozy.
  • I had a small living area which also acted as my dining area. A large and a small couch with a small glass table at the centre, a couple chests of drawers and a small TV made my living room. Then there was my little kitchen, which for me was heaven, because I loved to cook; there was no dining table because of the lack of space but the couches were fine. Then there was my bedroom with a closet, mirror and a queen sized bed, with an en-suit bathroom. Like I said, small but cozy.
  • Placing my bag on the table, I changed out of my clothes and dumped them into the laundry basket. I quickly took a quick hot shower since there was no space for a bathtub inside my bathroom and then changed into my favourite pajama pants which had mini pizzas all over it, and a green tank top. Once I had my wet hair brushed and blow-dried, I sat on my bed and picked up my cell phone.
  • He answered after the 2nd ring.
  • "I got the job," I said.
  • "Essence Inc.?" he asked.
  • "Nope. Synclair Inc.” I corrected. “I hadn’t expected to get in, but Nathan Synclair was my schoolmate. I got lucky."
  • "Even better. But you sure he won't cause any problems in the future?" he enquired.
  • "No Samuel! Dude, chill. What he doesn't know won't hurt him...or any of us." I added the last with a smirk.
  • "Sure thing. But be very careful. It’s time for him to pay. We can't let anything get in our way now, Sav. We’ve worked very hard for this to back out now. No mistakes. Am I clear?" His voice was stern, but I knew what I was doing. We had come a long way for any mistakes. I was finally here now, and it was time to start the plan.
  • "Loud and clear, big brother."
  • "Good."
  • The game was on.