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Chapter 2- In which she is hired

  • "What?"
  • All I could do was point an accusing finger at him with my mouth gaping open like a fish, while his familiar blue eyes swam with confusion.
  • "Do I know you, Miss...?" Nathan Synclair looked at me confused and maybe a bit outraged.
  • "Tresscot," I seemed to have finally found my voice. So I cleared my throat and tried again. "It’s Savannah Tresscot from Bellevue High School."
  • "And you're calling that hideous name because...? Wait...Bellevue?" Realization finally dawned in his eyes as he looked at me properly from head to toe. "Nerdy Savvy?"
  • "Finally! And don't call me that!" I scowled.
  • "Then stop calling me that god awful name!" He shuddered in horror.
  • Now that he was no longer facing away from me, I had the chance to look at him properly for the first time. He looked exactly the same as he had in high school but some things were different. He no longer had that boyish charm; instead he was more manly and even more drop dead gorgeous. His midnight black hair was cut short unlike in high school where it was up to his shoulders. He used to rock the 90’s rocker vibe and everyone was here for it. He still had an athletic body from his soccer days and I could say that because he was wearing only a deep blue full sleeved shirt that hugged his form perfectly. His grey jacket was carefully hung on the back of his chair. However, his eyes looked different, like they had aged before their time.
  • I realized that just as I had been checking him out, he was doing the same with me as well. When our eyes finally met, something crossed within me; a sudden sensation I had no name for. Putting it aside as just nerves, I gave him a genuine smile.
  • "So what happened to Marissa? You guys get married yet?" I asked, curious about his final girlfriend before he went off to college.
  • "Mary-who?" He sounded genuinely confused which led me to gape at him yet again. Did he get amnesia somehow?
  • "Seriously? You remember the nickname she gave you but you don't remember her? I thought you guys would be married with at least 5 kids by the way you guys used to fuck! I found you two in the genitors’ closet without your clothes on…twice!" I said stunned.
  • "I really don't want to remember all that right now, Savannah; it’s all in the past. But how come the nerdy nummy of our class changed so much?" Nathan asked with a raised eyebrow. “You used to be too scared to speak back in high school. And look at you now! Calling me all sorts of names with ease.”
  • "College happened." I stated matter-of-factly and suddenly shivered in the cool air.
  • Nathan must have finally realized that I had appeared in his office completely drenched. "Why haven't you changed into something warm? Don't you have a spare in your bag?" He asked confused.
  • "Oh no. That was Tiffany." I state deadpan.
  • "And how come you still remember everyone's name?" He asked with a scowl.
  • "Well, it's safe to always remember your bullies. It makes revenge all the more sweeter." I said with a smirk.
  • "And that is so not creepy," he shook his head at me. "Get home before you get pneumonia. My chauffer will send you off. And next time, read the weather reports," he said, already calling his chauffer.
  • That's when I remembered the reason for being here in the first place. "Wait! My interview?"
  • "Don't worry about it. Tomorrow is Sunday. You'll be joining from Monday", he stated after his call was over.
  • "Whoa! Now hold on just a minute! I do not need any-"
  • "I'm not doing you any favors, Savannah; so don’t expect them in the future either. Right now, I'm desperate and you have suitable qualifications. Besides, you're the only one who hasn't come here expecting to be upgraded to Mrs. Synclair," he spoke with a sour face. “We’ll discuss job specifics in more details on Monday, but my secretary will give you a file on what you need to expect.”
  • “Alright...thank you." I told him gratefully.
  • "Ok then. I'll see you on Monday." He got up from his chair and helped me up. "God, you're freezing. Get home a have a warm shower lest you catch pneumonia."
  • "Yes boss!" I said in a military soldier kinda way, which was marred by another shiver. Nathan was right; if I didn’t take a warm bath upon reaching home then I’m definitely gonna be sick. My clothes had dried an hour ago but they were ice cold and I was pretty sure my skin was blue.
  • "And remember to be here by 8.30. I arrive by 9AM, so get things sorted by then. Ms. Moore will help you in case you need anything." He opened his office door to reveal a middle aged man in uniform that I assumed was his chauffer. "Roan will take you home."
  • "Thank you." I said politely to Roan and then turned to Nathan and said goodbye.
  • "And remember to me bring a cup of black coffee from the cafeteria just before I arrive. No sugar." He said just before I could walk out.
  • I scowled. Damn, he was still bossy. Previously in high school, it used to be to get his homework done so he would pay me a few bucks for lunch and now I had a feeling that coffee was just the beginning. Was this going to be a repeat of my high school days? I didn’t know and I wouldn’t until I started work from Monday.
  • But then I turned and gave him my best megawatt smile before saying,
  • "Yes Boss!"
  • Just because I got hired by my biggest high school bully, doesn’t mean I’m going down without a fight.