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Chapter 24- In which things start to go downhill

  • Walking up was beyond difficult. My legs felt as heavy as stones and wobbly as I walked out into the hallway in just my underwear. Thankfully, nothing was torn or things would get awkward if I had to go back to city with an underwear missing.
  • I wouldn’t have been this tired if last night had been the only love-making we had done, but Nate had woken me up sometime early this morning, when the sun wasn’t up yet but I could hear birds chirping on my windowsill. And then we had made sweet love once again as I had lost myself in his embrace. Well…I wasn’t complaining about the awesome night I had but I was complaining about being sore all over. Damn it! It had been a while.
  • The sun streaming through the glass windows lit the entire hallway and living area. I found our discarded clothes lying on the floor not far from the bedroom door. I picked up both our clothes, but instead of wearing my own dress, I put on Nate's black shirt. As I had expected, the shirt reached to my mid thigh and fit me snugly enough that I didn’t want to return it.
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