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Chapter 13- In which its time for some action

  • "Smells delicious!" Nate said as he came into the kitchen, hair still wet from his shower, towel draped over his shoulders and his midnight hair falling all over his forehead. The view would’ve been a hundred times better if a towel was the only thing he was wearing, but alas! He was wearing a light grey t-shirt and black pajama bottoms.
  • "Hope it tastes good too," I answered, stirring the spaghetti one last time before adding some freshly grated parmesan over it.
  • I took a serving dish from the cabinet and poured my Spaghetti Carbonara into it, adding some finely chopped parsley over the top. Thank God, Nate's kitchen had all the necessary utensils to make dinner. In fact, it was just like my dream kitchen with everything that a cook would ever need.
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