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Chapter 272 Marriage

  • Unbearable tension built up in the air as the two men exchanged glances in silence.
  • Suddenly, that man laughed. The outline of his vaguely visible devilishly handsome facial features turned prominent as he stood with his back facing the sunlight filtering into the room through the windows.
  • His silver hair was particularly eye-catching. “You are a humorous man, Mr. Zhan. Where would I find the courage to murder you? I am fearful of you, after all. Even if I want to murder you, this is not a suitable place because this is not my territory. People have been referring to me, Wei Chengshao, as Young Master Wei for so many years, yet you are the only person that’s capable of sending chills down my spine by addressing me with that title. That’s very impressive, Mr. Zhan.”
  • “Sent chills down your spine? Is that right? Everyone is aware that Young Master Wei is far more formidable than I am. You managed to implant your man by my side for over 10 years. Now that’s impressive. Your insightful vision and limitless patience are truly outstanding.”
  • “Humorous as always, Mr. Zhan. I have nothing to do with that matter. That person implanted by your side is not related to me. The person that should be mine, however, is currently occupied forcefully by you. But she will be mine at the end of the day. I will make sure she returns to me regardless of the price.”
  • “Return? Now it’s your turn to make the jokes, Young Master Wei. How does she return if she’s never there, to begin with?”
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