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Chapter 13 Tormented

  • Suddenly the clouds moved over the light above and it turned silvery in the hollow chamber again and I could see Mathis lowering slowly out of view.
  • His gaze meeting mine as he crouched low to the stone floor.
  • “What are you doing?”
  • “Beginning to kill your spirit, Spitfire.”
  • Suddenly I felt something long and hot enter the corridor of my body. It was wet and smooth and far too thin to be what he’d put in me before. I leaned up as much as I could but could see nothing. I felt the limb inside me curling upward and stretching me in different directions. Sifting through my soft folds to find the tender skin in every hollow. Lathing it until I felt my body tensing and my stomach straining against the buckle as my back tried to arch but could not.
  • He adjusted his position and leaned up enough I could see that his eyes were now just dark hollows in his skull. Seeming empty of any eyeball. And a long thin tongue stretched from his mouth to disappear from view. A
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