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Chapter 8 I love you too

  • Blossom couldn't believe how calm her husband had been as she observed him after they boarded to their private jet. If they used public transportation, others might assume she was too obsessed with him because she couldn't take her eyes off of him.
  • She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She inhaled and exhaled repeatedly before she spat, "Okay. What's going on?"
  • It was not that she didn't want to be with him—in fact, it worked to her advantage because she could use those hundred days she promised to herself to make him fall in love with her. However, she was confused about how and why he suddenly joined her to going in New England.
  • Leo responded weakly, but in contrast to his usual tone, his voice was now soft and gentle. "We are going to your fashion show, is there something wrong?"
  • Blossom had never heard him with tone like this before. After she processed his answer, she raised her left eyebrow and asked back, "Yes, I know 'I WILL BE' in my usual fashion show, but I want to know: Why are you with me?"
  • "...."
  • Leo shut his eyes and leaned back against the chair, remaining silent. Just when Blossom thought he wasn't going to respond, she was startled when her husband abruptly pulled her waist violently, leaned her face against his chest, and whispered in her ear, giving her many strange butterflies in her stomach.
  • "If you didn't stop talking, I will fuck you right here, right now."
  • Blossom flinched at the hot breath that was blowing into her ear. One after the other, she inhaled while her palms began to perspire from the sudden pounding of her heart, which felt as though it might burst from her chest. Her face turned tomato red and she suddenly felt a lump in her throat. Nevertheless, instead of getting scared, she felt nervous and excited.
  • 'Shit!' She shook what she was thinking and remained silent for a few minutes but Leo suddenly spoke again as he closed his eyes and prepared to be silent, "How can I fall asleep if all I can hear is the loud pounding of your chest? Would you mind calming it first?"
  • Out of embarrassment, she shoved Leo hard before she stood up and glared at him. But when he saw her wrinkly face, he only grinned.
  • "You can stop now. I'm afraid you'll make a hole in me if you keep staring at me that way."
  • With his answer, she was unable to control herself any longer. She yelled as her hands were clenched, "Stop fucking me!"
  • "Well, I enjoy fucking you."
  • "Fuck!" With the double meaning on it, Blossom shouted in frustration and turned to head for the bathroom. "How sensitive you are to make fun of what my emotions, reactions, and feelings towards you!" she murmured before finally entering, her voice getting progressively softer until Leo couldn't hear her.
  • At the same time, the smirk on Leo's lips couldn't disappear as he watched Blossom march to the restroom. He couldn't help but look at her white skin, her red lips that didn't need any make up, especially her eyes that were so innocent, add to that her thin fingertips that no one would dare to deny and reject.
  • His jaw clenched as he thought of another man holding his wife. Just thinking about it made him want to kill, so he didn't know what would happen if he ever saw Blossom with another man.
  • Ironically.... Everything he was thinking was interrupted when his phone vibrated. When he looked at it, Erin's name immediately appeared. He looked straight into the restroom before he stood up and walked away from their spot and answered the call.
  • After ten minutes, Blossom went out of the bathroom. She washed her face to remove the redness of it. She didn't want to look dumb in front of Leo, and she's afraid he would tease her more if he saw her so flustered with his presence. As she arrived at their seat, she didn't see him.
  • She frowned and looked around because maybe he just wanted to tease her again. However, she stopped when she heard a soft laugh from the other section. She walked slowly and tried to listen to what they were talking about. As she was getting closer, the voice became clear.
  • "Yes, I already ate. What about you? Don't let yourself starve. You too, take care." Leo laughed for a moment before he continued, "I love you too."
  • Blossom's body stiffened from where she was standing but no tears came out of her eyes. Numbness enveloped her unhealed wound. When she heard the rustling, she quickly turned around and went back to their place. She turned her attention to the window and watched the calm sky.
  • As she watched the clouds and savored the anguish of every word Leo uttered for another woman who acted as a needle for her, she could no longer avoid and let the the big tears that were bigger than the rain fell.
  • 'What they claim is accurate... Love is a war, but I am a Queen of an empty field. While instilling the duty in me, my King was guarding the Princess of another realm.' Blossom thought in her heart.
  • "What are you doing?"
  • She quickly wiped her tears when Leo spoke behind her. She didn't turn back because she knew, he would only laugh at her. She also did not speak because her voice would only crack.
  • "Did you eat? Do you want to eat something?" Leo asked her again but like she did the first time, she didn't even look at him.
  • Leo's voice repeated in her ear while talking to another woman earlier. She couldn't stop thinking... What if she would accept Uriel's offer?