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Chapter 5 One hundred days

  • Blossom’s Point of view
  • If earlier I was just concerned with how swollen it was, now my anxiety is heightened by the realization that it is much larger than I had anticipated. I backed away, and my elbow was the only thing that supported me. I'm not sure I'll be ready to place it inside of me; I'm afraid I'll die.
  • "Oh god!" However, he dragged my legs towards him and then carefully inserted the tip of the stick inside my hole. I kicked him, but I couldn't get him to move so he locked my legs up once again.
  • "Please don't put it in there! Don't even think about it! Ahh— " As he entered the tip, my whole body trembled. Because it was so painful and I didn't want to weep, I put my hand in my mouth and kept my mouth closed.
  • All I hope is that the maids don't hear me.
  • "If you genuinely don't want to, you should put up a stronger fight against me."
  • It took a lot of willpower for me to eventually let go and cover my mouth with both hands because I didn't want to sound like a kid crying only to complain that it hurt.
  • "I-It stings. I-It burns." The tears didn't stop from falling as he entered it. I wrapped my legs over him, but it didn't even help to alleviate the discomfort.
  • "Shhh." He wiped the tears from my eyes and he didn’t move. "Only half of it has entered yet that's already your reaction, what if I put it all? Perhaps you are gonna kill me then."
  • What the hell? Does he want to kill me? I don’t know if I can still stand tomorrow. I calmed my authority because he wasn’t moving and was just kissing my cheek and neck. He did not attempt to kiss my lips. Which part of me should endure the most? Is it at the part when we did not kiss or the part where he is entering?
  • I grabbed the pillow next to me and placed it on my face, biting it with my teeth. I don't want him to see the tears streaming down my cheeks.
  • "I already put the whole." In order to view my tears-soaked face, he yanked the pillow off my face roughly. "At first, it's uncomfortable, but you'll grow accustomed to it. You should avoid covering your face with a pillow because you might suffocate. I want to see your face."
  • “Idiot! The reason for my tears is not pain; rather, they are tears of frustration. Do you truly despise me in such a way that even kissing is impossible for you?" I really wanted to tell him, but I couldn't bring myself to say it.
  • For a while, he only moved slowly since it was still uncomfortable, but I quickly became obsessed with tracking his every motion and touch. And I can't deny that it's an incredible feeling. It is true what my friends have said: at first, it will be really painful, but you will eventually attain paradise.
  • "Oh.. Ah.. right .."
  • “You’re sucking me in. It's hard to pull it out.” He was already lifting my dress so that I could leave it out on my body. And when he finally removed it, he pulled my two hands and his thrust became faster and his slam on my body also increased. Only my snarl and the smacking of our bodies could be heard in the space between us.
  • "The way your breast jingles makes me want to bite you even more."
  • He leaned up close to me, putting one of my legs on his shoulder, and then licked the side of my neck with his tongue. To begin with, he only sniffed it, then gradually licked it and eventually sucked it.
  • When he stepped away from me, he grabbed one of my chests. I looked into his eyes, they seemed to be in another world. He wrapped his arms around my waist and began to decrease his movement.
  • "I'm cumming."
  • Every thrust he gave me brought back memories of his mistress. I'm curious whether they were active like this as well. I believe he did the same thing to his mistress, and he mistook me for Erin.
  • Until I came to the realization that I was already sobbing. "I despise you. I hate your mistress to no end. I detest each and every one of you."
  • The moment I spoke those words, I felt a hot liquid rush into my stomach and arched my back in response. My eyes welled up with tears as a wake of what he had done.
  • "Damn it! Don't cry while letting out a lovely voice. I might not be able to control myself." He pushed harder this time, and he smooched my neck the whole time. "I'm cumming again."
  • “Ahh ..! Oooh.” I groaned and moaned because I'm feeling like I'm at the end of my rope as well.
  • I take a deep breath and he fires his semen into my brim for the second time in as many minutes.
  • “Do you hate me?” He asked me.
  • I spoke to him before falling asleep, my eyelids heavy with slumber. "It's a lot more than you think. If you don't want me to murder your mistress, you should get rid of her as soon as possible."
  • "But I waited for you."
  • Because I couldn't take the lethargy, I didn't hear him say anything after my words. Fortunately, before my consciousness was entirely destroyed, I felt a heat that quickly dispelled the temperature I was experiencing.
  • Ideally, just like this... I hope it doesn't end.
  • I'm only going to give myself 100 days because if I don't see any changes after that, I believe that it’s the sign to end things.