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Chapter 2 It's Leo

  • Blossom’s Point of view
  • “Asshooleee! ~” I banged my head on the bar counter, slammed my glass, and after that, I screamed. There will be no one here to picture me when I'm drowning in liquor, I'm certain of that.
  • It is also tough to be a model since, in the eyes of many, we are frequently a product of the media. After all, it's an exclusive bar. I'm sure my identity is secure because I'm not the only one who's notable here. There are too many corporate leaders, celebrities, and other well-known figures.
  • I took the bottle to check whether it was still half, but I didn't notice that it was starting to run out of wine. I took a peek around because the amount of talk among the guests was steadily becoming stronger and more numerous.
  • I am still hopeful that Leo followed me.
  • I know. I know in my heart that I don't have to hold out much hope anymore, yet... I can't help but believe that our relationship will continue to work out in the end.
  • I snatched the bottle of wine and began to play with it. My palm rested on my chin as if I was very problematic. I'm sulking as I open the bottle of wine to pour it into my glass.
  • However, just as its lips were about to rest on the mouth of my glass, a hand reached out and took my hand all by itself.
  • My pupils dilated as I looked above it. He grabbed the bottle of wine from my grasp and seized it from me. I looked at the guy with a sleepy expression on my face and saw that his face was serious and that it was frowning. He is also wearing business attire.
  • But as soon as it dawned on me who it was, I sprang to my feet and kicked him in the shin. “Storm! You nasty asshole!"
  • “Ouch! What is your problem again?” He lifted the foot that was kicked and I stepped on, he then continued to growl..
  • "I wouldn't be here today if it weren't for your cousin's meddling in my marriage!"
  • "Is it my fault that your husband doesn't like you?"
  • "What are you talking about?!" I pushed him rapidly, and we were unlucky to get their attention almost instantly.
  • “What? Isn't it clear that it wasn't my cousin's mistake that your husband had a thing for her? Anyway, why is that thing such a big deal to you? You don't like him either, do you?”
  • Because of what he stated, I came to a complete stop. Storm Madison, Erin's cousin. He is my best friend but since Leo and I became married, I haven't told him other things. As much as I didn't want to destroy Leo's reputation with him, I still had hope in my heart — that maybe Leo would like me as much as I liked him.
  • Leo, on the other hand, fell in love with his cousin, not with me. Likewise, I'm not sure how they met until the point when Leo refused to return home, at which point images of them covertly dating began to circulate.
  • "Whatever!" I grabbed my bag and marched out the door.
  • “Blossom, answer me. Do you like your husband too?”
  • I was completely unaware that he had followed me to the parking lot. I didn't slow down, but he came up with me just as I was about to pull up in front of my vehicle. Because I was intoxicated, I had difficulty walking correctly and inserting the key into the lock on the door.
  • "Blossom."
  • My intentions to enter were about to be accomplished when he intervened and stopped me from shutting the door. “Blossom—”
  • “Why do you care if I like my husband or not? If I have his last name, then it's likely acceptable and legal, wouldn’t it?”
  • "But you know that he has a special relationship with my cousin—"
  • “Special? So, what exactly do you want me to do? Adjust for the two of them even if I should be the one aggrieved?” I stepped out of my vehicle and confronted him. Ignoring the fact that I felt dizzy, I pushed myself to stand.
  • “Is that what you want? That I just let them be happy?”
  • “No, Blossom. That's not what I want to say.”
  • "Yet, that is how your words have been delivered to me." I told him bitterly. "I had been under the illusion that you were my sole defender, Storm. I was wrong because you, too, want them to live their life like nothing happened.”
  • I didn't wait for him to complete his lecture before getting into my car and pulling over. I even saw him try to catch up with me, but I was racing too quickly. My head is still throbbing.
  • Why is it that everyone is my adversary? Why do they always make me look bad? Isn't it reasonable to expect them to be more favorable to me?
  • When I couldn't take it any longer, I pulled over to the side of the road and screamed from inside my car. For some reason, I had to hold my chest because it was so tight and it seemed like I was about to run out of breath.
  • “Why? Why? Why? Ahhhh!” The screaming continued until I was hitting my chest to stop the ache and tightness to make it end.
  • Even my parents were not on my side when it came to fighting for me. As soon as they discovered that Leo had been cheating, they wanted me to just let him do his cheating and go on with my life. They pleaded with me to remain in the marriage, insisting that even if it was just for business purposes or just for them. But... I gave up all of my happiness in order to please them. When I learned that Leo was cheating on me, I wanted to end our relationship, but my parents insisted that I could have a travel trip and think things over.
  • I did what they asked of me, so after two years, I went back to make Leo and Erin suffer, but I had no idea that I would have to endure twice as much as they did as a result of my actions.
  • I bowed my head at the steering wheel but I also quickly lifted it with a light hitting my eye and a familiar car stopped in front of me.
  • Without a doubt, it’s Leo.