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Chapter 4 Elliot Park

  • Angel walked into the company with a straight face and calculated steps turning heads whenever she walks. She walked to the private elevator leading to the 17th floor of the building of her own office .
  • Ding ! came the sound of the elevator , knowing it was her boss and her cue to welcome her , Linda with the hot mug of coffee in one hand and a tablet in another, stood at the entrance of the office. on seeing her with a small smile walked to her
  • " Good morning ma'am , I presume you had a good night ? " she said, still smiling .
  • " yes Linda , I did " , Hearing her brief answer Linda went on to brief her on her schedules for the day .
  • " Meeting with the board by 10am"
  • ". summary of the launch programme by 11am
  • " lunch with your bro----
  • " Skip it, I will talk to him later. I am in no mood for his troubles and family drama, it's not like he's in the country anyways,'' interrupted Angel.
  • " ok in place of that appointment of the new web developer by 1pm"
  • "That will be all ma'am"
  • " Angel halted her steps midway to her office when she heard Linda say that will be all , she remembered she will be having a dinner meeting today she even prepared her mind for it. seeing her sudden halt Linda halted too.
  • " I thought you mentioned to me yesterday that I will be having a dinner meeting today?"
  • " Yes, ma'am, I got an email from his assistant that his boss has something to deal with, he will be canceling the dinner today, and he will arrange for it some other time ".
  • " Who's this man I am having dinner with?"
  • " Elliot Park CEO of Apex Group of companies"
  • replied Linda.
  • " Elliot Park you say ?" it's all right , that will be all for now she stepped into her office , hung her jacket on her chair and sat down , Linda dropped her files , bowed and left her office.
  • Meanwhile in the Apex Group of Companies boardroom the atmosphere was a bit tense as everyone was looking down at the table not daring to meet Elliot gaze .
  • ". Seems like I will be doing a reshuffle of my staffs since the ones I have are incompetent ", Says Elliot without no trace of emotion leaning back on his chair with his hands folded under his chin.
  • The HR director with shaky legs stood up still not meeting his gaze , Sir we will change the theme and approach of the program and get back to you.
  • With that Elliot stood up and exited the boardroom with long strides , kelvin his assistant followed suit after giving the managers a reply on his Boss behalf.
  • Elliot sat on his office chair like the boss he is , when Kelvin knocked and entered re-adjusting his glasses on the bridge of his nose.
  • " What's the situation like "he asked without lifting his eyes from his desktop .
  • ". The bugs are still affecting the firewall making it difficult for the IT department to launch the game" .
  • " And "
  • Kelvin cleaned an imaginary sweat from his forehead because of the thickness of the atmosphere and the dark aura his boss is eluding.
  • " And I scheduled an appointment with Sicon IT company as you requested to discuss partnership , but earlier canceled it .
  • Elliot's eyes slowly rise from the desktop to look at Kelvin , when he mentions the word "Cancel".
  • " Why cancel? " he asked kelvin , he remembered he had no other lagging issues seeking his attention .
  • " The young miss ran away from home yesterday night chairman Park called and asked me to cancel your last appointment and bring her home to have dinner with her to be husband's family."
  • Elliot brows furrowed when the realization dawned on him that his father is at it again arranging marriage for his sister, for his selfish political gain . When that old man stops, Mardy is still in her prime and wants to explore her world and achieve her dreams. She's only twenty one for f**k sake. He screamed loudly in his mind, folding his fist but kept a calm face on the outside.
  • He only said two words " I see" and returned his gaze to his desktop and that was kelvin cue to leave the office. he's almost at the door when he heard his boss' voice.
  • " Where's she now"? he asked
  • " Tennyson towers, there's a studio there I heard she's goes there often for her singing classes"
  • Kelvin replied and left the office at once for him.
  • .. Back at Sicon Angel was still signing files when her phone beeped with a message from anonymous ( Adam ) " The established an office at Tennyson towers check it out ".