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Chapter 6 Muddle head

  • In Front of the Tennyson towers was a black Maybach as shiny as the stars in the sky , with a private plate number. Inside the car sat Elliot leisurely with crossed legs and his hand out of the window, his head leaning on the car seat , and his eyes shut.
  • It's been thirty minutes he sent Kelvin into the building to fetch Mardy his sister , but the duo are yet to be back and his patience is wearing thin , he's eyes opened when a call came in .
  • ". Boss ,young miss refused to come with me ", Kelvin said with a tone full of panic waiting for his boss to lash out on him but all he heard was ". make her out by all means "
  • ". But she told the security not to grant me entry into the building"
  • " Alright come back for now " Elliot said in a calm voice despite his veins trying to burst out in anger. ". Seems like I have to do everything by myself ", he hissed and stepped out of the car but his movement was halted when he saw something in slow motion.
  • A power bike drove into the premises in a calculated speed , like an expert rider, Elliot eyes narrowed when he saw slender legs step down from the bike , and everything seem to be moving slowly, time seemed to stop for Elliot when he saw the rider remove her helmet and her hair danced in the wind , the wind blowing her hair behind her and some strands covering her face. She was a sight to behold, he had ever seen a creature perfectly endowed before, he scrutinized her and wondered why she was dressed like an assassin on a killing mission.
  • Elliot snapped out of it when he saw her walk into the building , he didn't notice when his legs moved and followed her and he saw her enter the elevator to the 3rd floor.
  • Kelvin was walking out of the building wiping imaginary sweat on his forehead with his hands when he caught sight of his boss walking gracefully towards him , Mentally prepared for his scolding he stopped when he saw his boss walk past him like he didn't see him.
  • Kelvin's mouth hung open in exclamation wondering if his boss is giving him a silent treatment for not completing a simple task.
  • But on a second thought followed his boss line of sight to a beautiful lady dressed in all black attire from head to toe which made her look like either a celebrity actress shooting a bad bitch scene or a female artist going to blow her fans brain on stage with a voice he imagined would be melodious .
  • Glancing from the lady to his boss Kelvin who couldn't put his hands on the reason his boss is walking behind her like a husband escorting his actress wife to speak with the press afraid of the public monopolizing her. For years he's been walking for Elliot park he haven't seen him with any female nor walk closer to any except his sister , rumors were even circulating that he's gay since there hasn't been any news of him having a girl friend not to talk of being engaged to any . Well he couldn't blame his boss, the lady is too beautiful to be ignored .
  • Kelvin was still imagining his boss being married and stopped being as icy as a stone with no emotions, smiled at his imaginations and didn't notice Elliot standing in front of him for like thirty seconds.
  • Elliot snapped back to his senses when he saw the elevator click shut in his face he couldn't fathom what brought him to the elevator , shaking his head like a person who broke free from a spell he pinched himself to get a full view of his surrounding , when he remembered he was standing inside Tennyson towers building, recalling he saw his assistant at the door when he came in decided to go back to him to take him to the floor that Mardy is recording her music .
  • But he's been standing in front of his assistant for like thirty seconds now and he hadn't noticed him yet, smiling to himself like someone that heard news of his wife's delivery.
  • He knocked him hard on the head when Kelvin seemed to snap out of it and dodged him with horror showing on his face .
  • Staring at his Boss's blank face devoid of any emotion he was forced to take a few steps back , scratching his un-itchy head, no he bent his head looking down at his shoes and thinking of what to tell his boss when he heard him call him. " muddlehead"
  • Looking at his assistant shivering under his gaze he couldn't help but to call him. "muddle head " because he doesn't know what else to do with him .