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Chapter 3 Adam

  • Angel drove straight to her company underground garage, she drove to her own private slot and parked, turning off the engine she made to walk out when she saw an anonymous incoming call knowing who would dare call her with an unknown number slid the screen to the green button without haste.
  • ". Yes, Adam you better have a good excuse for leaving me hanging yesterday you know better than anyone else how important that was to me"!! she bellowed on the phone.
  • On the receiving end Adam who was leaning leisurely on his swirl chair with his legs crossed on top of his desk , with his cellphone in hand on hearing Angel's infuriated voice sat up from the chair with a start , false panic written all over his face . He knew he had to pacify her or else the outcome will be disastrous for him.
  • Smiling to himself he knew the tactics that normally work on her , he keyed into it at once.
  • ". My , my ,my , Angel you've managed to break the remnants of my heart , while I am still trying to pick up the pieces that's left of what Ella broke. He said with a voice as though he is heartbroken.
  • Hearing him sound like that Angel's anger came down a little, with a voice laden with emotion " Adam what is it ?" who is Ella? she asked at once hoping for an immediate answer. but what followed it was a long silence.
  • " Adam, say something I don't have all day please "! she try forcing him to tell him the situation . but what she heard was a long sigh.
  • " Adam "!
  • Noticing he had caught her attention , he smiled and continued further, " The last time we spoke you advised me to go on date to relieve my stress and boredom , I tried doing what you told me to , I met this Ella girl online and asked her out she concurred , for me to book a restaurant and she.... stood ...up " he said in between fake tiny sobs . Knowing Angel's attitude towards him she could stop at nothing to pacify him .
  • As if he read her mind.
  • Angel bit her lower lip when she heard him , she knew it was her fault because of Adam's situation he can't handle such things she thought of a way to pacify him ,
  • " Hey , hey, it's alright I get it "
  • Adam smiled and replied "ok "
  • Seeing that it's working Angel continued to distract him further
  • " Now breathe in and out " she told him , for Adam to do as she instructed ,
  • ". ok , Adams I will get back to you later ok, meanwhile continue to what makes you happy , and in the meantime check out those emails I sent you last night. I almost lost it when I couldn't reach you , so please keep your mental health in check alright ?"
  • *" Alright , I will check it out and send it to your mail in an hour. I got your back . stay safe ok?.
  • "ok". With that she hung up the call, took her things from the car and locked it.
  • In truth that's not what happened, but Adams didn't want to trouble her , because he knew she had done more than enough for him.
  • Knowing Angel, if he told her that he had a terrible headache all through the night , she would book the next flight or drive 4 hours to come and meet him. That's how strong the bond is.
  • Adam fears that his time is almost up and he didn't want to drag Angel further into it; she had been there for him during their kidnap as teens. She didn't mind how thin and battered he looked after the numerous experiments carried out on him. Even after their escape from that hell she has been with him every step of the way.