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Chapter 5 Mrs Joon's POV

  • Mrs. Joon’s POV:-
  • As soon as I hung up the call after talking with SeoJoon,
  • “What were you thinking? Why did you ask him about dating? Mr. Joon spoke to me in a slightly raised voice.
  • “Why can’t I question him? I’m his mother. I should be aware.” I muttered, frustrated.
  • “Since we returned from the temple last week, I’ve been noticing you, you are acting differently.” Mr. Joon said in a soft, worried voice.
  • “How am I supposed to be calm? My son is involved in it and my family too.” I cried as I spoke.
  • “Do you not believe in our son?” he questioned.
  • “Of course I do, but what if… the priest’s words are true,” I said in fear.
  • “Tomorrow, let’s visit the temple and will speak with the priest and request a solution.” He recommended.
  • We visited the temple the next day. At that moment, one of the disciples advised us to wait in the garden while the priest was in meditation. The garden was gorgeous and teeming with bushes, flowers, and shrubs. The entire area was covered in lush green grass. Midway through the garden, there was a fountain. The sound of birds permeated the entire area and was calming. It comforted me. In a corner of the garden, the master was teaching their pupils. I paid attention to him. He said,
  • “In this world, unimaginable things take place. And good things never come easily. You have to work too hard to make the things favorable to yourself. Don’t give in to the pressure. Society will insist that you conform to the norm. Do something new and unique; and embrace your uniqueness and let it shine. Remember, the sun always shines after the storm. Believe in your intentions. And one more thing, never judge people by their appearance. Look doesn’t matter, when heart and soul are pure.”
  • Although these words are very simple and I have heard them many times. But at this precise moment, I understood that these words have a profound significance. While I was in deep thought, one of the disciples came to us and told that the priest was calling. We entered the temple and went to where the priest was seated. He responded to our greetings by giving the blessings of God.
  • Before Mr. Joon could say anything, I asked to the priest, “You have seen the girl Priya. What are your thoughts on her?”
  • After some silence, he finally said, “I think you have already something in your mind about what you’ll do and how you’ll do it.”
  • I waited for his response without saying anything.
  • “Priya is a nice and intelligent young lady. She understands the value of customs and is aware that they should be carried out accurately. Also she admires you as well.” He made a statement.
  • Mr. Joon was staring at me with a perplexed expression. I smiled at him and then said, “Don’t worry. I’m good.”
  • “I have understood what I need to do. Just need your blessings.” Then I said.
  • “God is by your side. Always act with good intentions. God will take care of everything.” The priest spoke with smile.
  • I left the temple with my husband. During the journey back to home, “Are you going to wed SeoJoon and Priya?” He inquired. I understood the concern behind his question, and said, “Don’t worry. I won’t pressurize them. They will be together if they are meant to be. If not, then let it be. I’ll give it a shot once.”
  • “Don’t worry. Everything will be fine. Just trust me and support me. I won’t let happen anything wrong to our son and I won’t do anything wrong to Priya either.” I held his hand with assurance.