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Chapter 5 Lilah

  • I grabbed my bag, adjusted my clothes, wiped the tears from my face and walked out of the office. Briefly acknowledging the Alpha as I went “hey Uncle”.
  • I didn’t look back, I walked out of the room, past my Uncle and Alpha, past Anya who couldn’t , or maybe it was wouldn’t make eye contact with me, sure she likely felt guilty knowing she was now mate to my boyfriend who only last night we had assumed I was mates to.
  • And I walked straight out of the pack house, out into the fresh, morning air, the awkward glances from earlier still happening though now making perfect sense- of course they did!
  • Everyone not knowing what to say to me knowing I was about to walk in on my boyfriend with his new mate was bound to make them a little awkward…….
  • Or just everyone not knowing how to deal with poor old me, the side-lined girlfriend of our perfect Alpha I fumed internally, part of me wishing that someone had stopped me, had told me what had happened, maybe tried to warn me…….. instead I’m just the side-lined girlfriend of the Alpha who just found his new mate that soon everyone will forget about…….
  • I didn’t want to go home right now, so headed for the lake, to get some air, to get some space I needed to be on my own. I can’t take this shit…. I wandered up through the woods within our pack lands, heading towards the lake and waterfalls where we all hung out together in the summer, knowing that thankfully with it being mid-march and relatively cool today it would be empty and it would bring the peace I was so desperately craving.
  • The trees were starting to bloom as the weather had been improving slowly over the recent weeks, the air was fresh and a little biting despite the sunshine but I didn’t care, I just wanted to be alone.
  • I aimlessly wandered toward the waterfalls, knowing I could sit on my own, avoiding everyone up here as right now everyone would be doing their best to spend time with Logan today. I walked up the slope toward the rocks at the top of the waterfall which ran down into the lake. I sat myself down in the spot I’d sat so many times before with Logan and our other friends having fun, I looked up to the sky, feeling tears in my eyes again as I heard my phone buzzing. I glanced down….
  • ”mum, erh nope” I declined her call…..
  • Don’t need her on my case right now, I guess she knows that I know now. I sighed makes sense why they wanted me to stay home this morning……… Logan had given them a heads up…..or Auntie Talia or Uncle Grayson told them what had happened………….they didn’t want me to walk in on what I did right?
  • Why not tell me though? I dragged my hand through my hair in frustration. Surely Logan could have called me? Maybe asked to see me? No?
  • Obviously not, clearly more important to be sticking his tongue down Anya’s fucking throat, maybe he doesn’t care as much as he says he does………….. does he??
  • Does the mating bond take away what we had? I felt the tears coming heavier as I curled up on the rock crying harder. My phone persistently buzzing, I just ignored it, not wanting to speak to anyone, surely they could understand that?! How difficult is it to grasp I want to be alone? I felt the midday sun on my back as I lay crying, my eyes growing heavy I fell asleep.