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Chapter 2 It's Just The Beginning Of The Night

  • In Seattle, Rebecca Halgrave Jenkins is excited to be returning home after an intense semester in her Civil Engineering course at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. At the airport, she was greeted by her parents and her boyfriend, Peter O'Donnell.
  • "My love, it's so good to see you. Each semester feels longer as time goes by, I can't stand being away from you. I have plans for tonight," Rebecca smiles and kisses Peter.
  • "I missed you too, Mom and Dad, I'm glad you came. I'm looking forward to eating Mom's food, I missed you guys," she says.
  • "My angel, it's so good to have you home. I made your favorite dishes, let's go, you must be exhausted," Martina says, hugging her daughter.
  • "Welcome back, princess," Robert says, embracing his daughter.
  • "Thank you, Dad," they go to the car and talk during the ride to the mansion, when they arrive they go straight to the dining room.
  • "So, Peter, how are the family businesses doing? I've heard great things about you. I'm glad my daughter found such a talented man!" Peter smiles at Rebecca.
  • "Mr. Halgrave, I'm the lucky one to have Rebecca as my baby girlfriend. The business is doing great and it will improve now with our collaboration to present a business plan to the Shaw group and form a partnership. Will you be attending the meeting?" Peter asks.
  • "Yes, I will be attending. I've analyzed the proposals, they are bold. But I'm concerned about the fact that the Shaw family is extremely difficult to negotiate with. Mr. Shaw's grandson is very meticulous and critical of smaller companies, he has no problem eliminating any obstacles. And I don't know if it's in his interest to have business in Seattle," Mr. Halgrave says.
  • "They already have several projects here, including one in architecture, why not expand into engineering, how do you think? I think it's a great opportunity for the companies," Peter suggests.
  • "Dad, you are extremely talented, you will excel in this new project. If the Shaw family's grandson is a problem, collaborate with the grandfather. Why waste time with someone who seems arrogant?" Rebecca laughs, and both her parents join in.
  • "Daughter, Mr. Shaw is no longer in charge of the family business, he only accompanies his grandson now. For years, the grandson has been managing everything, even better than the grandfather. The company has grown exponentially in all areas it operates. But he is extremely difficult to deal with, people not only respect him, but also fear him, because he can destroy a business in seconds, with the influence he has. At least, that's what we hear around," Mr. Halgrave explains.
  • "Who in their right mind wants to negotiate with a family like that? To me, this man seems like a jerk, he must be frustrated in life to think that influence is everything. I'm disgusted by it and I think you should stay away from them," Rebecca expresses her opinion.
  • "Baby, relax, everything will be fine. The Shaw gentlemen will arrive in Seattle during the early morning for our meeting. I'm very talented, I'm sure I can secure this contract for our companies," Peter reassures her. She smiles in admiration. Peter is her first boyfriend and they have been together for almost two years. "No one intimidates your boyfriend, I can handle anyone," he jokes.
  • "I know, but I don't like people like this Mr. Shaw's grandson. I don't know him, but I already hate him!" Peter and Robert laugh at her words.
  • "Daughter, your father and Peter know what they're doing. They will tame this young man in no time, don't worry," Martina says to calm her daughter.
  • " I know, but you know me, some things don't make sense to me. We already have a lot of money, I don't see the need to get involved with people like that.
  • " My love, the Shaw group is the most important company in the country. It will be great for our businesses if we can close deals with them. Money is always welcome, I need to maintain the level to give you the world.
  • " Peter, we're going to conquer the world together. You know I won't be a housewife, I'll be the best civil engineer in the country. " She says excitedly.
  • " I know, my love, but it's good that you have the option to be, if you want to. " Peter concludes with a smile.
  • " You two are so beautiful together. " Martina says with a smile on her lips.
  • " They continue excitedly talking during dinner. Rebecca updates them on her semester and how her studies have been.
  • " Mr. and Mrs. Halgrave, I hope you don't mind me taking Rebecca now, but I've prepared some things for us to do together tonight.
  • " Make yourselves at home, lovebirds. Take care of her, Peter, or you'll have to deal with me.
  • " Don't worry, Mr. Halgrave. Rebecca is very important to me, I'll take care of her like my own life. " Rebecca's eyes shine as she listens to him. She gives a big smile, not hiding her happiness. Peter takes her hand and leads her to his car. Before opening the door for her, he kisses her, satisfying the longing he felt for her.
  • " So, what did you prepare for us? " She asks as she gets into the car. He smiles and doesn't answer. " Peter?
  • " It's a surprise, my darling, but you'll love it. " Peter kisses her slowly before starting the car and driving away.
  • " You're so mean, because you know I hate surprises! " She grumbles, pouting.
  • " You don't hate surprises, you just don't like not knowing what awaits you. You'll like it, I promise.
  • " Fine, there's no other way. " She forces a smile, as she doesn't like not knowing what to expect.
  • " There's no point in being like that, I'm not going to tell you. Soon you'll know, it will just be the beginning of the night. We'll end it on a high note. I can't wait to have you in my arms. I love you, Becca. " She watches him, smiles, but remains silent.