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Chapter 2

  • •BRYNN•
  • .
  • School and everything else were stopped for a week, but I didn’t need to go; it was already graduation week anyway, and nothing was left to do there. It was the last of my worries.
  • But my father’s pale face haunted me for days. I could not help but get dressed in black and head to the burial, putting a flower on his grave before he was put six feet under and buried in front of my eyes.
  • I felt hollow inside during the burial and now in a meeting. A meeting about my inheritance and birthright was being discussed just after the burial. I couldn’t even hear anything or concentrate on their arguments. By right, I was his only son and daughter, and I was next to be the Luna, but I was a woman, and they still sat on their poor asses, accustomed to the old ways of males leading the pack.
  • I hated being amid such negligence. "She is the only child and blood relative of Alpha Ezra! She owns everything!" Herron argued while another elder was angry at his claim.
  • "But she is a female, and she cannot lead us! She hasn’t even presented, and all pups are present at sixteen, and she is 20 now. You all baby her because she is Alpha Ezra’s child!" Another countered, Noise, noise. I was sick of it—so sick of it that I don’t even know when I slammed on the table hard, and the whole room silenced.
  • "Do you hear yourself? My father’s corpse hasn’t even stayed buried for more than twenty-four hours, yet you are all talking about his inheritance and bloodline." My body was shaking internally, I was tired from no sleep for the past few days, and what’s a newly turned 20-year-old going to do alone?
  • "But Brynn"
  • "Enough of this, please," I called out as I stood up from my chair and left the meeting, and Damon was hot on my heels.
  • "Love, wait up," he called, making a pause and turning to him," let’s go back to the meeting."
  • "No, Damon, I’m tired; I'm so tired I can’t do this today." I croaked out as tears began to pour, "I want to be alone. Please."
  • "Anything for you," he nodded In understanding as he came forward to leave and kiss my head before I went into my room, locking myself as I felt hollow inside still.
  • And for days, I was hunted by nightmares and night terrors, and my body burned every time I woke up. I kept it a secret because I would rather not be disturbed. My balcony had become my second bed, as I spent most of my time staring at the sky and the large garden closest to my window, where my dad was buried, and I fell asleep most of the time there.
  • But today was different. I was woken up by Damon, and a part of me felt bad for him whenever I ignored his invitation. "Hi Brynn," he whispered to me as I leaned up in my chair and he kissed my cheeks.
  • " Damon? What time is it?"
  • "Around 5 p.m.," he tells me after checking his watch," you have been in here a lot and avoiding me too."
  • "I have... I'm sorry, I was just thinking a lot."
  • "I know you have, but you need to clear your head, so let’s go out for a ride; the clear air will help you think more, right?" He suggested it, and sometimes I don’t have the strength to turn him down.
  • "Alright," I muttered as I went into my bathroom to take a quick, hot shower. I wore long-sleeve blue shorts and jean shorts, put over a black button-up cardigan, and packed my dark brunette hair into a Low ponytail. As I checked out my blue eyes, which were slightly red from the little sleep I had gotten these past few days, I came out to see Damon checking his watch like he was waiting for something. "Let’s go?"
  • He takes my hand, and we get into his car as we zoom off down the dark roads away from the pack. The sky had gotten darker the further we went; we had never gone so far before, but I was too tired to ask. He handed me a cup of coffee that I sipped along the way to clear my tired eyes, as I was lost in thought until I felt the car jerk roughly.
  • "Shit," Damon had muttered as the car jerked violently again before it stopped. Damon had then turned off the engine and taken the car roof off as he slipped out of his seat and went out to check the engine out.
  • "What’s wrong?" I ask.
  • "I don’t know, it was fine this morning; shit, shit, shit," Damon muttered. I looked around to see we were stranded on an empty road and very far from the pack, and to my utter stupidity, I had left my phone back home.
  • I come out of the car and ask for his phone, but he says that it’s dead. Great.
  • He suggested that we walk it out, and I didn’t complain; I honestly wanted to be back home and hopefully not cry myself to sleep. We'll be ok, promise." He said as he kissed me before he took my hand in his as we walked in the lonely street, I couldn’t help but feel the air get chilly with each step I took.
  • Suddenly, I heard the roar of a car engine speeding roughly as the headlights shined on us, but my feet got colder the closer the truck came, and something felt wrong, so wrong.
  • The car stopped right in front of us. As a rogue wolf shined his silver-bred teeth at us, I never felt more unsafe in my life as I held tighter to Damon’s arm. Hey, pretty lady," one of them smirked, and the other chuckled.
  • "We don’t want any trouble; we just need a ride home," Damon said carefully, but the rouge just laughed.
  • "Of course I can give a ride to the lady; she can ride me all night," and that made me sick.
  • "Let’s just go," I muttered to Damon as I started walking away from the car. I was tired, my feet ached, and I felt like puking my guts out. I didn’t know why I suddenly felt so dizzy, but what I didn’t expect were tough arms that held my body in a tight grip. I didn’t even hear the person coming up to me so fast.
  • “Where are you going, princess?" A disgusting voice chuckled out and made my skin crawl, she said.
  • "Let me go, Damon. Help!" I cried, but there was no reply; maybe they got him too! I wrecked and pushed myself to a run to find that my legs had become weak as I couldn’t even lift a hand, and in no time I was captured again by the grimy rouge.
  • As I struggled to set myself free, my body felt so weak and not like myself; my body wasn’t listening to me, and before I knew it, I felt a black bag pulled over my face and a painful, strong punch to the stomach that knocked me out.
  • "Goodnight Princess" was the last thing I heard before I lost consciousness and everything went black.