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Chapter 97 Qualify

  • I was speechless, though thankfully her stomp wasn’t all that powerful. I apologized with all the sincerities I have, hoping to appease this goddess of violence, but when she heard me calling her the goddess of violence, she got even more violent and even began swinging her fist at me. I dodged, but that girl wouldn’t stop until she hit me. She lunged at me with her fist.
  • Subconsciously I sidestepped her, almost by reflex entirely. It has long been drilled into us in our trainings as soldiers, that we’d try to dodge anything coming our way, be it bullets, projectiles, or people.
  • Chu Xiaoxiao went past me and tripped, and I immediately reached out and grabbed at her, trying to stop her from falling face down onto the ground.
  • “Zhang Chao.” Chu Xiaoxiao’s face was downcast, her voice was low, dangerously low, “When you want to help stabilize someone, usually you’d grab their shoulders, or their waist. Either one is fine. But please pick one place and not in between!”
  • In my hand was a fullness, a softness, that certainly didn’t come from either the shoulder or the waist. This was... breast...
  • I immediately let go of her, and she fell onto the ground, though this time not completely from standing upright.
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