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Chapter 95 Returning Debt

  • Xia Genghuai found a moment where everyone busied about, and dragged me to a quiet corner.
  • “Are you stupid? Think! You’re now living in my house, and then you had me taking her father here, so if the two of you ever decided to get intimate in the future, are you going to have to resort to going outside for a wilderness play!?”
  • I was drinking, and that made me choke and coughed out my entire cup of water.
  • Thinking back on the rose colored time last time when I was at Lin Fang’s place, I felt my heart gradually beat faster and faster until it felt like it was going to explode. After her friends’ gathering, after she accepts me, I come clean to her about who I really am, and only then would she really be mine.
  • Snapping my mind back to reality, for a while already, Lin Fang kept telling me that Lin Kang owed the underground money lenders 200 grands, and was worried sick and asking me what to do.
  • To be honest, merely $200’000 really isn’t a lot to me. I was even tempted to just take it out and give it to Lin Fang directly.
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