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Chapter 92 Do It

  • I proceeded to tying Chen Yuzhou’s hands and feet together, and raised my head to look at Chu Xiaoxiao in the eyes, “And if I did that, you would testify against me in court?”
  • Chu Xiaoxiao’s reply was immediate, “I’ll never betray you! But if... if it had to be done... I... I will do it, and you just...”
  • I stopped what my hands were doing, surprised, “You’d kill in my stead?”
  • “Not for you! I’m doing it for Fangfang. My father won’t let me be taken away by the police so easily, and I’ll have the best lawyers defending me, and... oh, I almost forgot, you could also...”
  • Looking at her expression caught halfway between worry and desperation, I said from the bottom of my heart, “It’s alright, don’t worry, I was just asking a hypothetical question anyway. Though, thank you for saying what you said. You truly are my friend.”
  • “Zhang Chao, you mustn’t kill people. It’d ruin you for the rest of your life!” Seeing that I didn’t give her a straight answer, she said worriedly, stomping her feet.
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