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Chapter 91 Nice And Slow

  • “Oh, in the mood of playing dead are we? Xiaoxiao, get me some facial tissues, and a jar of water if you will.”
  • “What are you doing?” Chu Xiaoxiao asked, “You’d wipe his face clean after you wake him up with water? I didn’t know you’re this nice of a person.”
  • “Don’t ask, just go get it. You’ll see in just a few minutes.”
  • Chu Xiaoxiao went to the receptionist’s desk and got everything.
  • Opening up a packet of facial tissues, I pulled out a few pieces and held them against Chen Yuzhou’s face, over his mouth and nose, and said nice and slowly, “In the special ops, they taught us one particularly inhumane interrogation technique. It’s a form of water torture. This one was particularly cruel. Did you know, when we humans are about to drown, our trachea would secrete a large amount of mucus fluid, in an attempt to block out the invading water. Very soon, you’d have a mix of snot and saliva clogging up your throat entirely. And when you’re about to die, every muscle in your body would spasm, and you’d lose all control of them. You’d urinate, fart, and even defecate. Except, you’re not actually drowning, but your body won’t know that. Eventually, you’ll die of suffocation, killed by your body’s very own defense mechanism. You want a taste of it?”
  • I’ve got about seven layers of tissue over his mouth and nose already, and yet Chen Yuzhou still played dead. I shrugged, and began pouring water onto his face, wetting the tissues over his nose and mouth.
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