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Chapter 89 Fiance

  • “Hey, why do you get nosebleeds this easily? Don’t tell me that you’re even more of a little virgin boy what I thought you were?”
  • I turned my face away to the side, ignoring her, and then she walked around to my side, popping back into my sight. I turned my face to the other side, and again, she circled around and popped back into my sight again.
  • “You, are, such, a, cute, little, boy! Let me tell you, cute little virgin boys are stuff of legends...!”
  • I’m sorry. I was wrong. I was so wrong. Why did I ever agree to bring her with me? I must be wrong in the head. Like, really, really wrong in the head.
  • Then all of a sudden, a faint bell chime caught my attention, and at once I was thrusted into full alertness.
  • I held onto the hands that Chu Xiaoxiao reached out to pinch my face, and told her in a serious tone to keep her voice down.
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