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Chapter 85 My Woman

  • Did Lin Fang just read my mind? I hurriedly drank the water to try to hide my nervousness, but as I drank, I saw a drop of red swirled and dissolved into my cup.
  • Lin Fang drew her face in towards my ear, and whispered, “You got a nosebleed.”
  • My heart skipped a beat. When she spoke, I felt her breath on my ear, making my heart stir restlessly.
  • I told her, stammering, that I need to use the restroom. Then I dashed into the restroom and washed the blood off my face.
  • When I was about to go back out, I suddenly realized, Lin Fang didn’t get angry. So... does that mean that I’m allowed to do something more now...?
  • I shook my head and kicked myself internally. Zhang Chao, how do you even call yourself a man, fidgeting around like a smitten little kid?
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