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Chapter 83 Gentleman

  • Before I even opened my mouth to reply, Chu Xiaoxiao already did, “You’re joking right, or had Chen Ruhai finally gone senile?”
  • It was as if Chu Xiaoxiao was possessed today, by the god of comedy and retorts, every replies from her sent all the onlookers laughing clutching their stomachs.
  • The grim and heavy air lifted and the atmosphere in the office once again returned to normal, and all Chu Xiaoxiao did to achieve that was a few offhanded comments.
  • I said, “Since you’re his fiance, then I’d say that you’d better go back and keep Chen Yuzhou in line. Tell him to stop going after all his other girls, or you’ll break his legs. After all, there’s just too many women out there, it’s impossible to keep all of them in check, so keeping a tight rein on Chen Yuzhou is the only practical way.”
  • Chu Xiaoxiao added, “Yes, break his legs, all three of them.”
  • With my hand on the wound on my head, I couldn’t stifle my laugh in time.
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