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Chapter 82 Ridiculed

  • “Su Xiaoqiang, stop with all these false accusations already, I didn’t...”
  • Su Xiaoqiang. As soon as I heard that name, I turned around and immediately began walking away. As soon as I did, Chu Xiaoxiao grabbed hold of me and stopped me short, and eyed me suspiciously, “Where are you going?”
  • I replied, not wanting to dwell too much on this, “I’m... not the best person to deal with that woman. I’ll go get the security guards.”
  • “Bullshit. Best person or no, you’re going back on your words? I’m so telling Lin Fang on you after this.”
  • “I’m not going back on any words! I’m... I’ll explain it to you later...”
  • But it was too late already. I didn’t make good of my escape. Su Xiaoqiang saw me, and called out in surprise, with a touch of vicious playfulness, “Zhang Chao? So it’s you. You work here?”
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