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Chapter 81 Match

  • I said to her, “Fangfang didn’t know that. Don’t tell her yet, for now.”
  • “Why? If she knew that you’re Junran’s inheritor, she’ll definitely follow you for the rest of your life...! Don’t tell me that you dares to even suspect for just a little bit that Lin Fang was only in it for your money...”
  • “No, of course not.” I chose my words carefully, “I just wanted to give her a surprise. Didn’t I just tell you that I wanted to give her a confession? I want to tell her about everything that day, along with the confession.”
  • “Oh, that’s good! Then when are you going to confess? I really can’t wait. I wish that you two can get married as soon as possible, like tomorrow soon! Lin Fang is so lucky to be able to have someone like you. With you around, she’ll never have to live another day being bullied again!”
  • Chu Xiaoxiao’s outburst of praises were music to my ears.
  • I laughed, “And that’s why, I want to get rid of Chen Yuzhou sooner rather than later. When I’m done making sure that no one would be able to hurt Lin Fang anymore, I’ll tell her about everything and confess to her.”
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