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Chapter 80 Backbone

  • That night, I really couldn’t find any place to stay, and then I remembered Xia Genghuai. I messaged him and bought some booze and snacks and went to his place, but it turned out that he was called in for some overtime shifts, with all the Black Dragons that they freshly arrested waiting in line to be questioned. He came back momentarily to opened his door for me, and then he went enthusiastically off back to the police department again.
  • Alone in his room, I reflected on what happened over these few days. It almost seemed unreal, that amongst all the chaos I could still come out of it while remaining somewhat unhurt.
  • Though I also knew that this was only a moment of calm in the midst of the storm. The storm hasn’t left Tong City just yet. It may be quiet for a time now, but the worst is yet to come.
  • Knowing the Chen’s, they’ll never let me off. It was easy enough, luring Chen Yuzhou into striking out and acting out of line, but dealing with Chen Ruhai is another story completely. For now, I’ll have a moment of respite, since he won’t move a finger against me unless he was absolutely certain that he had everything prepared and that he had me in his clutches.
  • But then again, I can’t exactly keep on waiting for him to get his pieces together. I must act before he finishes making preparations and move against me.
  • Right now, I wished for nothing more than to have an angry Chen Yuzhou on my back, making things worse for himself and shifting the scale to my end, but these days Chen Ruhai had been keeping him on a very short leash. Hopefully that landlord lady will tell him all about what happened today and get him riled up enough into doing something foolish again.
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