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Chapter 79 Mercy

  • Just when I thought that she was going to plead mercy for that woman, suddenly Chu Xiaoxiao pointed at the woman's face, "And how is that any of our business? What are you crying to us for anyway?"
  • "Please, you look like a good girl, please go easy on me! I was wrong! Please, tell Zhang Chao, he can keep living here for as long as he wants!"
  • Chu Xiaoxiao said, "No, I won't. If you did what you did, then you deserve whatever punishments that you got."
  • The landlord said hurriedly, "It wasn't me, it's Chen Yuzhou!"
  • "Then that's even simpler. Since Chen Yuzhou got you into this mess, all you need to do is to testify against him in court. I don't believe that someone like you will be as stupid as to not keep something on him as leverage."
  • The landlord was getting desperate, "You think it's as simple as that? If I do that, they may have me killed! Please! If you won't... if you really force me to go through with this... I'll... I'll...!"
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