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Chapter 78 Pitiful

  • I racked my brains, but try as I might, I couldn’t think of anything that Lin Fang would be so afraid to let me know that she even made Chu Xiaoxiao promise her to keep it a secret from me. Whatever it is, it was going to be even more outrageous than Chu Xiaoxiao secretly liking me, and it would hurt me more than knowing that Lin Fang had seen other men behind my back.
  • This really had me worried. I swear, I must find some opportunity to fish this bit of information out of Chu Xiaoxiao one day.
  • So as to keep her from getting suspicious, I put on a smile, “You’re the one that’s going to lose. Just you wait until the landlord gets here.”
  • Just as I finished speaking, the door to the stairways burst open, and out came a panting and wheezing landlord.
  • She was a little plump. Climbing up to the seventh floor from ground up took just about everything she had, and more.
  • “The... elevator... won’t come... I was... in... a rush... so I... took the stairs. Zhang Chao... I didn’t make... you wait... too long... did I? Here... let me... open the door... for you...”
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