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Chapter 77 Hidden Affection

  • Suddenly, it all dawned on me. Of course Chu Xiaoxiao wouldn’t want Lin Fang and I to be together. She liked me, but at the same time, she was also Lin Fang’s best friend, and she would never do anything that would hurt her friends.
  • I sighed, at how dumb and insensitive I had been, pressing Chu Xiaoxiao over this issue over and over.
  • Originally, I should still be hospitalized for one more week, but after lying in bed for an entire day, I really couldn’t stay in bed anymore. During the hospital staff break time, I slipped out of the hospital without anyone noticing.
  • After slipping outside, I called a cab home, but it was only after I reached my place that I remembered that my landlord had threw me out already.
  • “Shoot!”
  • As I was about to leave, I suddenly remembered something very important that I had forgotten all this time.
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