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Chapter 76 Confession

  • And once again, I declined his offer, “I will never work together with you. No matter what happens, nothing will change the fact that I was once a proud soldier of the country. I will never work with people who hold themselves above the laws that we protect. I owe them my second life, I will never do anything that would disgrace them.”
  • “Stubborn old fart.” Zhao Zichen flipped his eyes and snorted, “By yourself, you’ll never be able to match up to Jiang Ming in strength! As soon as Jiang Ming noticed you, you’re dead! He is a snake, a viper, our only chance against him is to kill him before he even realizes our existence.”
  • I said, with a smile, “I won’t change my mind.”
  • He will never be able to convince me. Seeing that I wouldn’t reconsider, he finally gave up trying. I motioned Chu Xiaoxiao over, and got her to delete the recording right in front of him, and then swore that we would never tell anyone else about Zhao Zichen’s identity.
  • “I sincerely hope that you would change your mind.”
  • “Maybe if one day I had amnesia and forgot who I am.” I replied.
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