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Chapter 74 Red Lantern

  • At least Zhao Gongming wasn’t lying to me about that. Somehow, even I could feel that Han Kun was unwilling to let me look into my father’s death.
  • But Han Kun had always been so good to me, and my family. He practically raised and nurtured Junran into the giant that it is today, single handedly no less, and he didn’t hesitate even one bit when he returned it to me after I reached adulthood. As a friend, and as a human being, I would trust him with my life.
  • “Uncle Zhao, why did Uncle Han stop you? What do you think could be the reason?”
  • Zhao Gongming shook his head in resignation, “I don’t know, I couldn’t say, but I’ve never known him to be someone who would run away in cowardice. Back then, he was the most passionate one out of all of us in trying to find out what happened, but one day, it was as if he turned into a completely different person, and he never mentioned a word about the investigation to any of us again. Not too long after that, Jiang Ming’s family relocated him to somewhere else in the country, and without Han Kun, none of us knew even where to begin looking for his whereabouts.”
  • “You’re the Tong City Hospital Director, are you saying that there are things that were impossible to find out even for you and your connections?”
  • Zhao Gongming smiled, but it was a bitter smile, “Don’t you be thinking that I was who I am now. Ten years ago, here in this hospital, I was nothing more than a small no name doctor. Chen Ruhai’s wife, incidentally also a Chen, she has an entire family tree of relatives of doctors, it wasn’t an overstatement to say that the Tong City Hospital was more or less the Chen’s family business. Look, though it pains me to admit, but I’m not like Han Kun. He is capable, smart, well connected, and your father taught him in the ways of business himself. The only reason why I became the director of this hospital was also thanks to him. And now, I’m old and almost ready to be retired, and already the Chen’s grew restless once more, thinking to claim this hospital for their own again. I just wish that, Zichen won’t be so helpless and alone in the hospital after I’m gone.” Zhao Gongming sighed.
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