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Chapter 73 Grudge

  • Zhao Gongming continued, “That’s why I asked you for help. I wanted the Black Dragons to know that he has someone tough like you watching over him, so that maybe they’ll think twice when they go to him looking for trouble, but... I never thought that he’d be able to cause this much trouble! No doubts the Chen’s will definitely go to town with what happened today. I was thinking that perhaps I could put Zichen down to be a candidate for the next Cardiology Department Head, but I guess it won’t be happening anytime soon.”
  • This surprised me. Zhao Gongming didn’t know Zhao Zichen’s real identity.
  • And what’s more surprising was that Zhao Gongming thought that Zhao Zichen couldn’t handle himself in a fight. Just how much of a failure of a father is he, misunderstanding his own son that much?
  • “And these people today, they came to sabotage Zhao Zichen’s reputation specifically. Haven’t you noticed? They didn’t actually do anything apart from yelling his name and hacking and smashing things all around.”
  • “That they did. Thank goodness they left all of a sudden, otherwise I really wouldn’t know what to do. Thank you for that, my boy Zhang. You won’t hold it against your Uncle Zhao for this will you?”
  • I wasn’t paying attention to Zhao Gongming. Something else caught my mind.
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