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Chapter 72 Might Not Come Back

  • I used to think that gang wars and mob fights are not too different from what was portrayed in movies, a bunch of hot blooded youngsters swinging pipes and knives at each other causing mayhem and chaos. But this, with what was going on between the Black Dragons and Red Lanterns, really opened my eyes to some realistic aspects of the mafia mobs that the movies couldn’t capture.
  • Take the Red Lanterns for example, though Zhao Zichen was young, that slithering bastard was as slippery than the devil himself, a wolf guised and hidden underneath layers and layers of sheep skins.
  • These Black Dragon simpletons never had any chance against him from the very beginning.
  • Smart bastard, that Zhao Zichen, too smart. And that father of his, now I’m certain that he had his own agenda in all this, getting me involved and making me protect his son. There must be more that he isn’t saying to me. I swear, I will get to the bottom of this in time.
  • After the Black Dragons left, under Ye Debiao, the security guards regained functions once more, and began restoring order to the hospital.
  • Zhao Gongming summoned Ye Debiao over, and commended him for his bravery, embarrassing and making the big man blush in bashful pride.
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