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Chapter 70 Snapped

  • “Call the cops! I dare you! All of you! Call the stinking cops again one more time!”
  • No one answered. No one even dared to move, or make a sound, much less actually taking their phone out to call the police.
  • “How dare you! How dare any one of you even mention the cops in front of my face!” The blonde snorted, “Bloody hilarious! I’ll see just which one of them puny cops dare to show their face when I’m around.”
  • Seeing my anger, the blonde picked up the riot fork on the ground and tapped my face with it.
  • “So, Zhang Chao is it? I heard that Chen Yuzhou was in pretty bad shape because of you. Think you’re so great and smart? Didn’t you know that Chen Yuzhou was under us Black Dragon’s protection!? Actually, now that I think about it, I might just take one of your arms for this offense. You gave him a hard time, we take one of your arms. Fair is fair right?”
  • “Big Blonde, we don’t want his hand. We want his girl!”
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