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Chapter 69 Outnumbered

  • “Zhao Zichen! Get your scrawny butt out here! You think you can hide in this hole forever!?”
  • As it turned out, they had come for Zhao Zichen. In that case, this lot probably belonged to the Black Dragon.
  • “Relax, these people didn’t come for us. We don’t need to worry about this at all.”
  • I reassured Chu Xiaoxiao, who only nodded with a dumbfounded expression behind me.
  • It wasn’t as if I was so heartless as to leave Zhao Zichen to fend for himself, but he was a mafia boss, the leader of the Red Lanterns. Surely he could handle something as small as this on his own.
  • The head of the hospital security finally squeezed through the terrified crowd with a riot fork in his hands. Before he even said anything, however, the blond in the lead lunged at him and slashed at his riot fork. The two weapons clashed and locked, bringing about an uncomfortable noise.
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