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Chapter 66 Testing?

  • “You mean, that car was out to get us all along? But who would... Chen Yuzhou?” Chu Xiaoxiao’s face turned blue with shock.
  • “Who else but him?” I could almost say for sure that the polices’ investigations would yield nothing useful on this supposed drunk driver. Chen Ruhai must be the one behind this attack. They got guts, if nothing else. With all the media attention and public eyes on them, for a while, they won’t be able to do anything on the surface, but it looks like they weren’t beyond arranging “accidents” for their adversaries.
  • Chu Xiaoxiao was frightened, “Chen Yuzhou hit my car, this one was directed at me, though you were in the car as well, but the driver... he wouldn’t know that. If this... if this really was Chen Yuzhou’s doing, then the one that he wanted to kill this time, is me.”
  • Chu Xiaoxiao assessment of the events seemed plausible, but why in the world would Chen Yuzhou target her? If it was an act of grudge or vengeance, it would be directed at me, his number one arch nemesis, and not Chu Xiaoxiao.
  • Suddenly, Chu Xiaoxiao jumped, “Oh no, if Chen Yuzhou wants to kill me, do you think... maybe he would eventually... to Lin Fang too...?”
  • My heart skipped a beat. That wasn’t entirely impossible.
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