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Chapter 65 Fortunate

  • “Please, don’t leave me!”
  • “Just wait for me here, I’ll clear this up with Chu Xiaoxiao. You can count on me, I’ll never betray your trust.”
  • I had no choice but to gently, but firmly, pry open Lin Fang’s hand from mine. The way she looked at me as I did, made my heart ache like nothing else.
  • Steeling myself, I turned around and ran after Chu Xiaoxiao. By now, it’ll be too late if I were to take the elevator down. So instead, I ran down the stairway as fast as I could.
  • Coming out into the car park of the shopping plaza, Chu Xiaoxiao was already in her car, driving towards the exit. I ran to the front of her car and tried to stop her, but she only gave me a glare, and instead of stopping, she accelerated.
  • Of all things I thought she might do, I didn’t expect she’d do that! Out of other options, I slapped my hands down on the front of her car and jumped with all I had as her car rammed at me, and somehow managed to get myself onto her engine cover. If I had been any other untrained person, that would have hit me head on. Though by the speed that she drove, it couldn’t have either killed me or crippled me, but if it really did hit me, I’d still be in a world of pain.
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