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Chapter 64 Crying Girl

  • Since Chu Xiaoxiao wouldn’t see me, I moved my BYD to a more obscure place and staked out by her house. She must leave her house at some point eventually. I was a soldier, I was trained to wait.
  • I really should be thankful that my BYD was really inconspicuous. No one even gave it a second glance, even Chu Xiaoxiao.
  • When it was about night time, a Mini Cooper drove out of her driveway. Chu Xiaoxiao was the driver, and she drove out alone.
  • After she drove some distance away, I started my BYD and followed behind her.
  • Chu Xiaoxiao never once noticed that she was followed at all. Once again, I thanked the past me for his foresight for renting out this cheap little BYD. If I had came in my Porsche, she would have noticed me miles away.
  • Around half an hour later, Chu Xiaoxiao’s car drove into the carpark of a plaza. I found a park near her, and immediately tailed behind her a little distance away. I followed her into a building, and saw her go inside the elevator. I waited until the elevator door closed completely, then went to the front of the elevator to see which floors it stopped on. The 8th, 10th, and 17th floors. Immediately, I called for the elevator and went to those floors.
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