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Chapter 63 Favor

  • “Uncle Han, I’ve literally been through hell through the years that I served in the military, what place in Tong City could possibly make me afraid?”
  • Han Kun sighed, “Well... actually, Master Zhang, you didn’t have to go there personally. I can have Junran make up to Chu Xiaoxiao in your place.”
  • “I don’t want to expose my relationship with Junran yet. If Junran suddenly turn around and extend a friendly hand to the Chu’s, anyone with half a brain would begin to suspect that there’s something going on between me and Junran. Just tell me where she lives, Uncle Han, you’re making me curious.”
  • “Fine, if you insist. Her address is 12th Yulong Bay Minor District.”
  • “What...!?” It was as though a lightning hit me, “But... this place...”
  • “Yes. It was the same neighborhood your parents lived. Where you lived. Your aunt is still living in that place.”
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