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Chapter 60 Price

  • “You’re... serious?” Lin Fang asked suspiciously, “Then what are you going to do next?”
  • I drove and parked the car into the restaurant car park. Stopping the engine, I yawned and stretched, “First thing, find myself a job that pays good enough so I can look after you for the rest of my life.”
  • Lin Fang lowered her eyes, “Sorry Zhang Chao, if it weren’t for me, you won’t be in this mess in the first place. But now, where are you going to get a job? It won’t be easy, trying to find a job in Tong City for you now.”
  • “Just you relax. I’ll have a job soon enough.”
  • Lin Fang couldn’t understand my confidence, which was understandable. She had no idea as to who I actually am. I don’t blame her for that. Or rather, knowing that she fell in love with me despite that brought a warmth to my heart like nothing else. I silently reaffirmed my resolve that I must treat her even better in the days to come.
  • At the restaurant, Lin Fan also called a few of my old friends, including Xia Genghuai. I never knew that Lin Fang knew that much about me before.
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