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Chapter 58 Black!

  • Zhou Xiaoqiang asked spitefully, but quietly, among themselves, “Just who is that man!? What is someone as big as him doing in our little police station?”
  • Though they kept their voices down, my highly trained hearing could still pick them up.
  • The other officer whispered back to him, “May... maybe, the Chen’s managed to go and get him to step in? See, this guy caused such a big scene, so maybe the Chen’s pulled some connections and got some heavyweight figures to suppress down this whole mess.”
  • “Yeah, see? When he came to the station he went directly here too.”
  • Hearing that, the man turned his head back and gave Zhou Xiaoqiang and the two officers another look, and then gave the Chief Commissioner an eye that tells him to get rid of them. At this point, the Chief Commissioner was almost exasperated and furious enough to rip their faces off, and gave the command immediately.
  • As soon as that man came in, despite the pain I just received, I immediately straightened my back and stood properly with my chest out. I stood a whole head taller than the man. But under his scrutinizing and critical glare, I felt no more confident than a maggot on my first day as a new recruit.
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