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Chapter 57 Stand at Attention

  • In the end, Chen Yuzhou was dragged out of the courtroom.
  • Chen Ruhai was so frustrated that he looked like he might have a heart attack. His entire face was as white as ash, and just as dry.
  • To make sure that they could pin those charges onto me, they took no chances and hired the best lawyer duo who specialized in criminal law to assist Chen Yuzhou in prosecution. They were both tried and tested and had long since earned their place in their profession. Today, they had their first loss in a long time coming, utterly and completely.
  • The judge called for order and slammed his gavel over and over, but to no avail. It would take a lot more than his little hammer to quiet down the uproar.
  • Through so many cameras, the entire country watched the show that the Chen’s had so painstakingly staged. But in the end, they found that they themselves had became the stars of their own show after all.
  • It was comedy on a national scale.
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