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Chapter 56 Snare

  • “Your Honor, under the guise of acting out of concern for an alleged rape victim and rescuing her, where evidence suggested that the alleged rape was nothing but an act, the accused mortally injured my client. This alleged victim of the rape, Chu Xiaoxiao, is now with us in the witness stand. She would testify that whatever the accused might have claimed against my client, were in fact, lies. This was never an act of rescue, but a simple act of violence and battery.”
  • I looked at Chen Yuzhou. Since the court was in session, he has been putting on a rather odd act of a mixture of an arrogant asshole and meek frailty, as if he still hasn’t recovered from the mortal wound that I had supposedly gave him. If not for all the reporters in the courtroom and all the live broadcasting cameras staged all around forcing him to act as though he had been heavily injured, he would probably jump onto the table already and flip his finger at me right at this instant.
  • But it was an oddity of an act still, because he has no trouble with the cameras catching his haughty and arrogant expression on his face, despite his supposed mortal injuries he had with him. Why? Because like his father said, he was used to being arrogant.
  • In Tong City, even if he killed someone, his father could just make it go away for him, so what does he have to be afraid of? The law? No. In Tong City, he is the law.
  • He has money. He could make Chu Xiaoxiao testify however he wanted her to. If she should refuse, he’ll simply put pressure on the banks, telling them to refuse all dealings with the Chu Enterprise.
  • He has authority. His aunt was one of the department heads in the Tong City Hospital, so he could make the autopsy report say whatever he wished it to say. His uncle was the Deputy Commissioner of the Tong City Police Department, so he could arrest anyone, anytime, and anywhere in Tong City.
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