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Chapter 54 Trial

  • In the midst of commotion, I saw Zhao Gongming quietly retreated and disappeared behind the crowd. Nobody, in Tong City, dared to stand before the Chen’s, not when they bared their vicious fangs in rage.
  • The Chen’s was like a beast that lurked beneath Tong City. Chen Ruhai did a good job of concealing its teeth and claws, using them so sparingly that most people didn’t even realize how dangerous they are, but not Chen Yuzhou. He bared his fangs at the first sight of provocation, and made people realize just how powerful the Chen’s are.
  • The officers stuffed me into the car, and when we got to the place, they threw me into a small confinement cell. This time, I was alone.
  • Holding on to the iron bars of my cell, I yelled, “Chen Yuzhou, what do you want with me?”
  • The corner of his lips twitched, “I want you dead!”
  • We tried to stare each other down through the bars. Now I could be sure that his hatred for me has skyrocketed to the point that not even Chen Ruhai can calm him down. It was done. Now, all that I need to do, was to wait.
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