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Chapter 53 New Evidence

  • Chen Yuzhou’s face was even more swollen than it was yesterday, patches of purple and black covering his entire face, but they did nothing to lessen the arrogance in his expression.
  • His eyes locked onto mine, and we went into a staredown. Hearing us, Chu Xiaoxiao and Lin Fang quickly came out of the ward, and stood beside me in silent support.
  • Chen Yuzhou seemed surprised to see Cu Xiaoxiao here, but he quickly recovered and jeered, “Chu Xiaoxiao, what a pleasant surprise to see you here. Didn’t you know that your father was worried sick about you?”
  • “Get your nose out of my family business, Chen Yuzhou. I admit, before, I was blind. But today, I finally see you for the beast that you are! What are you even doing here? Get lost. None of us wanted to defile our eyes by having to see your disgusting face!”
  • “Don’t be so hasty now, you’ll be begging me soon enough. Rejoice! I came to give all of you a chance. If Zhang Chao gets down on his knees and begs me for it right now, I’ll go easy on you.”
  • I asked, “Is this why you came today? Just to flaunt that silly face of yours?”
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