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Chapter 51 Grounded

  • “Something like that. When I realized what he had done, it was too late already. That’s my old man for you, stubborn to his ideas to a fault and never minding how others might feel about them. I’ll have a nice long talk with him after I go back.”
  • I didn’t know what I should say to him after that. As it turned out, the one who was pulling the strings behind things had been Zhao Gongming all along.
  • Drinking in the absurdity of the moment, I hung up the phone and returned to the car with Meng. They took me back to where I left my Porsche in front of the Devil’s Eye.
  • Then I drove through the entire Tong City, but I couldn’t find any hotels willing to let me check in for the night. Out of better ideas, I circled back to the hospital.
  • It was about midnight, and it was quiet all around in the hospital. The only sound that was there was the rhythmic beeps of various instruments, and the occasional footsteps of doctors and nurses making their rounds checking up on the patients and making sure that everything was alright.
  • I came to Lin Fang’s father’s ward. He was hospitalized in a ward with an observation windows, making it easier for the doctors and nurses to notice if anything should happen. Looking inside, I saw Lin Fang sitting beside her father’s bed, asleep with her head resting on the bed sheets. She had her face turned towards the observation window, and I could see that she had a frown on her face. Even when she slept, she was still overcame with stress.
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